Banks and Indie Bi Fold Wallet

Bi-Fold Wallet

Your wallet is something you see and use everyday. At night, you toss it in a tray or place it on your nightstand, and in the morning it’s one of the first things you see.

Imagine owning a beautiful, hand-crafted leather wallet. Picture taking it out to pay or to hand someone a business card. Picture it on your nightstand. Or even tossed on the floor. Imagine the character it builds over time as it forms to your pocket and after sweat, mud, snow, lakes, airports, sleepovers, hangovers, and the rest of life take their toll on it. Picture owning that same quality wallet 20 years from now.

Now imagine all those scenes with the wallet you have in your pocket today.

Life is about enjoying the things you can, and an everyday item should bring you joy every day.

Our bi-fold wallet is as classy and simple as they come. It’s durable, and it’s thoughtful. We make two versions. Both hold cards on each side, and one has an extra corner pocket to tuck away bills.

The leather is soft and super thin. Everything is hand stitched using traditional saddle stitching, and care and craft are put into the finish- from the subtly marbled, hand-dyed color to detailed edge paint.

This wallet is timeless- visually and stylistically- but it will also literally last forever.

Drew’s take: This is my ideal wallet. I made it for myself first, exactly as I’d want it. I worked with leather for a long time before I made a wallet, because I was waiting for the perfect leather and the perfect design. If you remove everything superfluous, the perfect wallet is what’s left.

Al’s take: Drew and I have this quote on our bathroom counter: “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein said it, but Drew may as well have. He lives his life by this motto. This wallet is no exception. It’s where efficiency and simplicity meet artistry and soul. It’s really awesome seeing him blend the those two opposites together. His attention to detail, OCD yet easy going personality all bleed into his this wallet. #proudwife

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